remodeling and junk disposal

Remodeling Projects And Junk Disposal

Remodeling Projects And Junk Disposal

Wondering about remodeling projects and junk disposal? This post will walk you through everything. Read on to learn more.

Home and business remodeling projects are a good way to add space without adding on more buildings or rooms to your house. The junk produced from a remodel is usually underestimated in the beginning. What looks like a small kitchen remodel turns into a large amount of rubbish to dispose of. Let’s further discuss what you need to be prepared for with remodeling projects and junk disposal

remodeling and junk disposal

Have a Plan

The first step in a remodel project is to create a plan. Without one and you’ll find yourself waist-deep in waste and a remodel that is half-finished. To make the right plan, we have outlined what every good remodeling plan needs to have below. 

  •  Estimate how much junk you will have after the demolition portion of the project. If you are experienced at remodels and demolition work, this may not be much of a problem. If you are relatively inexperienced at remodels, find someone who can help you decide how much waste storage you will need. 
  • Rent a dumpster or large waste bags to place all of the junk material. Since different types of materials go into different types of waste bins, you will need to know what you can and cannot mix. Some of the material you remove might be recyclable, while others could be environmental hazards. It is important to have this knowledge of waste classifications before trying to dispose of any material. 
  • Decide in your plan a single spot for staging any tools needed for the job at hand. When the waste of your remodel begins to accumulate, it is easy to cover your tools with all of the debris. The next issue you will find is that you will be digging for the tools you need through the rubbish piled up on the floor. 
  • Plan for ventilation in enclosed areas. Once the remodeling process starts, a large amount of dust will accumulate quickly. Make sure you have fans available with open windows to create a draft. Be sure the plan has where you will stage any fans so they don’t get buried in waste. 

Remove Junk Frequently

As we have discussed, junk can pile fast in the working area when remodeling. Be prepared to move the small piles of material outside to the dumpsters frequently. Anyone who has completed remodels in the past knows that if you allow the pile of waste to build, it is harder to remove. By hauling to the dumpster frequently, you can keep your work area clean. You will also spend less disposal time as large piles can take twice as long to remove as they grow larger. 

remodeling junk removal
remodeling junk removal

Be Aware of Hazardous Waste

If you are remodeling a business or home built in the last few years, you may not have issues with hazardous wastes to remove. Older homes and businesses could have materials originally used like lead piping or asbestos insulation that is not allowed in most dumpsters but are poisonous to you and anyone working with you on the project. If you doubt what products may be inside walls or under the floor, have an expert complete an inspection for you.

Repurpose Appliances or Material

Instead of simply throwing away any old appliances that still work or disposing of material such as real wood, think about repurposing them. There are always families who would love to have a used appliance when they are in need of one. If you don’t want to sell it for money and plan to throw it out anyway, why not give it to someone who could use it. 

Throwing out real undamaged wood is literally waste to the environment. Not only is real wood expensive, but once reconditioned it is beautiful. If you cannot find a place for it in your remodel, offer to sell or give it away to someone to use in their own project. Even if you give it away, you are saving yourself money as you could pay for disposal per the weight of your waste. 

Hire a Waste Removal Company

One of the best ways to be efficient with junk during a remodel is to hire a waste removal company. Doing so has some good advantages. By hiring a company on a contract that has been quoted, you will know the precise cost of the disposal. Another reason is you do not frequently have to deal with the removal of junk yourself, and you have more time to spend on the remodeling side of the project. 

Companies in the New Jersey area and around the country have become proficient in the disposal of waste. They can usually take care of all of the disposal needs at a cost that is cheaper than if you do it yourself. The next time you are thinking of starting a remodel, seek out a quote from a professional waste disposal service. 

We hope you have learned a lot about remodeling and junk disposal and wish you the best.

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