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NJ Junk Removal experts N. Vitale Disposal Inc. offer a variety of waste hauling, removal and management services.  We are located in Lake Hiawatha (Parsippany-Troy Hills), New Jersey and can’t wait to hear from you about your junk removal project.

N. Vitale Disposal Inc. works with individuals and businesses alike and has been in the business for 10+ years.  With New Jersey’s N. Vitale Disposal Inc., you can trust you will get expert hauling, waste removal, pick up and demolition using top of the line equipment.  We are NNJ’s junk hauling team!

  • Full service clean outs
  • Junk hauling
  • Easy, free, in-person estimates
  • Recycling when possible
  • Competitive pricing
  • Professional contractors
“N. Vitale Disposal Inc. is the best dumpster rental and junk removal near me in NJ!  I’m so glad I found them and will use them again.” Margaret H.
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Furniture Removal

N. Vitale Inc. offers furniture removal and hauling.

Appliance Removal

We remove most appliances, too! Call us today!

Estate Cleanouts

N. Vitale Inc. offers full-service estate cleanouts to our clients in New Jersey.

Yard Debris Removal

We remove annoying yard debris and other junk too.

Piano Removal

Have a piano that needs to go? Let N. Vitale Inc. do it! Call us today!

Mattress Removal

Need to dispose of a mattress or other furniture? Call us to find out more!

Refrigerator Disposal

Let us help with appliance and refrigerator disposal.

Scrap Metal Pick Up

Got scrap metal that needs removal and hauling? Call us!

Construction Debris

We can remove your junk and contstruction debris too!

Commercial Removals

N. Vitale Inc. does junk hauling for businesses all over NJ!

Our Junk Removal Services Are #1 Rated In New Jersey!

N. Vitale Disposal Inc. offers a professional grade of junk removal services that are well known in the Garden State.  We offer so many different types of junk and waste hauling, you wouldn’t believe all your options!

Some of our most popular junk removal services include full-house cleanouts, refrigerator and appliance removal, mattress disposal, general trash removal and even construction debris removal.  You can get an idea of our pricing by viewing our junk removal pricing chart here.

N. Vitale Disposal Inc. can handle both small and large junk removal and waste hauling jobs.  Whether you’re an individual or a business how needs waste management, give us a call!

You can be certain that when you choose N. Vitale Disposal Inc.’s junk removal, the result will be exactly what you hired us for.  You can expect a friendly and professional junk removal team to handle your residence or business’s waste hauling.  It’s as simple as that!

And just so you know, we do all the work and lifting!  N. Vitale Disposal Inc. offers so much more benefit when you choose us.

What Is Junk Removal And Why Do I Need It?

Junk removal is an important service that many businesses and residences need properly maintained and managed.  When a person or a business accumulates junk, such as old furniture, paperwork, and other belongings, it can cause added stress to all aspects of their daily life.  

This is why junk removal is so important.  You truly can’t live a healthy and productive life surrounded by the stuff you want to get rid of!

Junk Removal Includes Many Different Things

Junk removal encompasses many different things.  It includes services such as estate clean-outs to foreclosure junk removal services, to business junk removal and maintenance -the list goes on and on!  Whatever junk you need hauled and disposed of, N. Vitale Disposal Inc. has you covered!

Here are some of the junk removing services N. Vitale Disposal Inc. Provides:


Every junk removal project requires a few basic essentials.   Below, we will discuss the basics of what your removal project entails!

Hauling And Lifting: Heavy lifting is a common part of waste removal.  That’s why we have a professional team equipped with the manpower and machines to lift everything out of your home and into the dumpster!

Recycling: We recycle many of the materials you through away.  While it can be a bit of a complicated process to sort through and separate everything, we know that it’s worth it and do it whenever possible!

Clean Up: When we’re working on a project, we never leave a mess!   We cleanup after ourselves so you can get back into your space as if we were never there!

Manpower: We bring in the people to remove your unwanted trash.  Depending on the size of the project, we may have just a few workers or an army!

Cleanouts: Our cleanouts are affordably priced and professionally organized.  We cleanout your estate or property with care.

Our Junk Removal Services Include:


General Junk Removal: General junk and waste removal services is for people who do not have anything specific they need removed.  General junk and waste hauling includes a mix of different types of trash that need to be disposed of including paper, appliances and furniture, trash, belongings, construction debris and more.

Furniture Removal: Furniture removal and disposal is necessary in many different scenarios.  When an estate cleanout is being executed, when someone moves or abandons their home, or simply if an old couch needs to be discarded.  Read more about when to replace furniture here.

Appliance Removal: Appliance removal is another form of junk removal that requires special handling and attention. Removing appliances needs to be done by professionals such as N. Vitale Disposal Inc.  You can read more on when to remove old appliances here.

TV Disposal: Television disposal is an important junk removal project for professionals.  TV’s have recyclable materials that need to be disposed of properly.  Call us for your TV disposal today!

Estate Cleanout: Your estate cleanout is a large junk removal project that needs to be handled with care.  Call us today for info on our estate clean-out services.

Foreclosure Clean-out: In the unfortunate situation of a foreclosure, it’s necessary to hire professionals to remove junk promptly so the home can be prepared for resale.  N. Vitale Disposal Inc. does tons of foreclosure cleanouts annually, so you should be sure to give us a call.

Piano Disposal: Piano disposal is not always the easiest.  But N. Vitale Disposal Inc. is equipped to deal with your piano disposal and removal project! 

Mattress Removal: Have a mattress that needs to be removed and thrown away?  Don’t go at it alone?  The bulkiness of a mattress isn’t something just anyone should try to life.  That’s why we’re here!

Construction Debris Removal: Construction debris is something you shouldn’t try to pick up on your own.  In construction debris are materials that could be harmful if handled incorrectly.  

N. Vitale Disposal has the equipment to remove construction debris from your property.  Give us a call for more info!

Yard Waste: Yard waste and debris removal is a project that needs to be handled with care.  It’s important to hire professional such as us for any NJ yard waste removal job.


N. Vitale Disposal Inc.’s Approach to Junk Removal


Vitale Disposal Inc. has been in business for a long time. We have a customer-service oriented approach to junk removal. We know how valuable our commercial and residential customers are, so we want to make you happy!

In addition to this, we know how precious the environment is.  For this reason, we recommend donating your used junk as often as possible.  Read our tips for donating furniture here.  Furthermore, we recycle whenever we can.  We love our world and want to foster its longevity through eco-friendly services.

When you hire N. Vitale Disposal Inc., you can expect efficiency in services, professionalism, courtesy, and the lowest rates in junk hauling and removal.  In addition, you’ll always get the highest in quality of services.

That’s why we are known as the number one company for junk removal across the state of New Jersey.

Commercial Junk Removal Experts


In addition to all of our residential junk hauling work, we also do commercial and industrial junk removal.  When we work with your business, we offer a level of professionalism and experience you won’t get with our competitors.

No matter what size your commercial waste hauling project is, we can handle it.  From small business junk clean-outs to building demolitions and cleanouts, we’re the ones to call.

Some of our commercial and industrial junk removal services include:

  • Business cleanouts
  • Liquidation and disposal of assets
  • Construction debris hauling
  • Property waste removal and disposal
  • Corporate relocation junk hauling

Call us today to find out more about our junk removal services.  We know you’re going to love us!

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