when to replace furniture

When To Replace Furniture

When To Replace Furniture

If you’re wondering when to replace furniture, you definitely need to read this post!  This is a question many people ask, and we’re going to give you guidance on when you should consider discarding some of your home furnishings.

Replacing furniture is something that needs to be done every now and then.  However, certain furnishings such as cabinets, tables and dressers can stand the test of time.  Although they will lose some of their functionality, these pieces can last for centuries.

Over time, most furniture will wear to a point that a buyer may not want to keep it.  The result of keeping such old furniture can be detrimental to your health and wellbeing in addition to being an eyesore if you’re not keen on the look of antiques in your home.

Furniture should be replaced every now and then so that it functions as it should and doesn’t cause any strain to your body.  Certain furniture items, such as mattresses, couches, and arm chairs can get worn over time.

The result in not getting rid of these furniture items is that you could have back and muscle problems if you continue to use them.  That’s why it’s detrimental to consider when to replace furniture.

Below we will discuss the lifespan of furniture items and when you should replace them

Lifespan Of Home Furnishings


Your couch is a piece of furniture that gets a lot of use.  And in addition to this, your couch can be the culprit when you experience back pain and other aches and pains in your body.

Knowing when to dispose of your couch is very important.  Most sofas can last anywhere from 7-15 years.  This all depends on the materials your couch is made of, the quality of the couch and the amount of support it provides.

Keeping a sofa well past the appropriate lifespan can lead to physical problems.  Many people complain of back problems and neck problems due to keeping a  sofa that’s in bad condition rather than trading it in.

Bed and Mattress

bed image

While your bed can last up to 20 years, your mattress can really only withstand 5-10.  It’s important to assess the quality and comfortability and use that as a gauge to know when to discard of it.

NJ furniture removal company N. Vitale Disposal Inc. recommends replacing your mattress once you see signs of wear and a change in the amount of support it offers.  If you do this, you will benefit by not having any physical pains that can result from sleeping in an old mattress.

Hiring a company for mattress removal services is important.  Mattresses should not be lifted and pulled out of your home without proper handling as they can be difficult to manage and heavy.

TIP: In addition, it’s important to rent a dumpster for furniture removal whenever possible.  This will make it easier if you are doing an estate cleanout or getting rid of items in bulk.

Office Chair

An office chair should be replaced every 7-10 years.  NJ commercial removals expert, N. Vitale Disposal Inc. recommends that you replace most furniture every 7-10 years and maintain a calendar to stay on schedule.

Your office chair will likely get a lot of use.  In order to keep it’s comfort and functionality, it should be replaced relatively often.

Wicker Furniture

As a general rule of thumb, most wicker furniture can last up to 10 years.  You can check for damage and breaks in the material of your furniture.

Most wicker furniture is made of either willow, reed, bamboo, rattan or synthetic materials.  It is light and sturdy however you should not ignore once you start seeing damage. Once wicker starts to break, you will notice the integrity of your furniture item will be disrupted and should be replaced.


Tables, such as dining room tables, coffee tables and end tables, can last a good long while.  These furniture items should be replaced when they begin to show wear and damage. 

In addition, end tables can become wobbly over time as can bar style tables.  When this begins to happen, your table should be replaced.

How To Handle Getting Rid Of Furniture

Once you have established that you have a number of furniture items that need to be discarded, you will need to decide what to do with them.  You have a few choices that we will go over below:


Donating furniture items is perhaps the best thing you can do as long as it’s still usable.  There are many people in need who can’t afford to buy new furniture. 

Donating a bed, table, or anything else to a family in need is a wonderful and kind gesture.  You can visit your local Goodwill or Salvation Army and drop off any old furniture you have.

Junk Removal

Hiring junk haulers such as NJ junk removal experts N. Vitale Disposal Inc is a great thing to do.  Junk haulers can help you remove old furniture and take it to the proper place to either donate, discard, or recycle.

Sell It

You can sell old furniture on many different sites.  Facebook Marketplace is a great place to sell old furniture that’s in good condition.

What’s even better is you can use the money you make and put it towards the cost of a new furniture item.

Rent A Dumpster

In the event of an estate cleanout or removing a lot of furniture, you should definitely consider renting a dumpster.  Renting a dumpster is great because you can get rid of stuff in bulk and not worry about lugging it off to the junk yard.

You can contact N. Vitale Disposal Inc. regarding dumpster rentals in NJ.


Knowing when to get rid of furniture is a very important thing.  And there are specific guidelines you need to consider that we have outlined in this post.

We hope we have answered your question of when to replace furniture and wish you luck in your furniture shopping!

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