Tips For Winter Junk Removal

Tips For Winter Junk Removal

Tips For Winter Junk Removal

Here are some tips for winter junk removal. Read this article to learn more.

Getting rid of snow covered junk sucks. Let us do it. 

Winter junk removal is more common than you may think. People get cooped up inside their house, waiting out a foot of snow and realize there is too much junk inside with them. So once you decide to clean up, what do you do next?

  1. Get yourself a good pair of gloves. 

This step right here can make all the difference. Avoid that numb feeling you get when working in the cold by getting gloves that not only protect your hands, but also keep you warm. You will want a layer between your skin and the items, depending on what you are hauling. Here’s a quick list of qualities you want when picking out a pair of gloves:

  • Warm, it is winter after all. 
  • Protective, some of the junk could have sharp edges.
  • Made of quality material to last you a couple years. 
  • Needs to be able to interact with your phone. You don’t want to be forced to take them off, each time you need to check your phone. 
  1. Discover your junk

You’ve decided when spring comes around, your house is going to be significantly cleaner. However, deciding what’s junk and what’s of sentimental value can be a difficult decision. Only you can decide that, but I promise you don’t need all 1000 macaroni necklaces you made your mother growing up. 

For some inspiration, check out Marie Kondo’s Netflix series on tidying up. Or maybe you just want to procrastinate some more with a good Netflix binge, don’t worry we won’t tell.

Another way to help you decide, look at a square foot of your home and see if the stuff in it is worth more than the value of your home. Let’s say your 2,000 square foot home is worth $200,000. That means that every square foot of your home will be worth $100. If the stuff inside that square foot does not add up to $100, it just might be junk. 

You’ll want to start in the rooms you spend the most time in. However, don’t forget about your less used cubbies in your house. The corners of your closet, that area behind the lawn mower in the tool shed, and the deepest parts of your attic. All of us are hoarders at some level, you just need to track it all down. If you are busy to do all the work you hire an NJ estate cleanout to do this for you.

  1. Organize your junk.

Well, now that you have identified what you want to get rid of, it’s time to decide what you want to do with it all. Maybe some of it is valuable?

  • You could make a buck.

This is a list of tips for winter junk removal, a yard sale might not be the best way to sell off things when it’s 20 degrees outside. You could use Ebay. If you’ve never sold anything via Ebay, make sure you check out an Ebay consignment seller. However, there comes a point when the hassle it would take to package everything and ship it, outweighs the money you’re selling it for. So maybe you should look into…

  • Donating the working items.

From small local charities to large chains like Goodwill, so many places accept donations. If it works, why not give your items a second life? Reusing items has been shown to be one of the best ways for individuals to have an impact on the environment.

Also consider what you are throwing out, is it perfectly usable? Did you upgrade to the newer model simply because you could? That old television would make an excellent donation to a local charity that could make a family’s christmas. Sometimes we forget that our junk can turn someone’s life around, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, as the saying goes.

  • Recycling
Tips For Winter Junk Removal
Yard waste including leaves and grass clippings may be brought to the Recycling Center
  1. Get it out of your house

Well now that you’ve got everything sorted, know what you’re getting rid of, donating, or selling; It’s time to GET IT OUT. Maybe it’s just a couple boxes, maybe a couple trips, or maybe it’s time to call us. If you’re in Morris County, Essex County, Passaic County, Bergen County, or Sussex County in New Jersey, we offer dumpster rental services that are perfect for those large junk piles. 

Tips For Winter Junk Removal

You’ll want to rent a dumpster BEFORE you begin moving the junk out of your house, just in case you were thinking differently. Some city ordinances in New Jersey will fine you for having a large mound of junk in your front yard. Also, why would you pile everything up outside when you’ll need to pick it back up and dump it again or recycle it.. 

Winter is the perfect time to go through your house. 

Everyone talks about Spring cleaning, but why would you not clean up while you’re stuck inside during the dreary months?  Instead of trying to fit an entire’s house worth of work into a long weekend project you can take your time. 

There are treasures lying in wait in your house that you have forgotten about, just waiting to be found again. These tips for winter junk removal will ensure that when spring comes, you’re ready to throw those windows open and let the air in. You can hire furniture removal services and appliance removal service. 

We hope that these tips for winter junk removal have help you and wish you all the best. 

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