tips and hacks for clearing away clutter

Tips And Hacks For Clearing Away Clutter

Tips And Hacks For Clearing Away Clutter

If you want tips and hacks for clearing away clutter, this post will tell you everything you need to know. After several years of living in a home in New Jersey, you and I can attest that items tend to build up in our homes. If you have ever cleaned a closet, attic, or garage out, you can relate. At what first seems a daunting task can be made easier and more efficient by following a few tips and hacks for clearing away clutter. Let’s dig in and take a look at how you can make your clutter go away. 

What is Clutter? 

When deciding what clutter is, one way to define it is; property you own that does not play a role or add value to your current life. A good way to test this definition is when deciding to keep the property or toss it out is, if you have used it in the last two years. If not, it probably is not useful in your life. This makes it easier to detach from the object and remove it from your home. 

Why We Should Always De-Clutter

There are several reasons why you should have clutter removed from your home. Hiring a company for junk removal or renting a dumpster is a great way to start.

Let’s dive into some of the best reasons. 

  • Clutter plays a direct role in the stress level of our lives. Taking control of clutter and organizing gives people a sense of accomplishment and control in their lives. This, in turn, has been found to reduce stress. 
  • Reduction of Fire Hazard: When closets and garages are full of junk, it can create a fire hazard. If the property that is stacked is flammable, even more so. Even if it is not flammable, any clutter filling your home may be blocking windows or doors you may need to use during a fire or other emergency. 
  • Health: When clutter becomes extreme, it can lead to what is called hoarding. Hoarding has many health ramifications for adults and children alike. 
  • Extra Space: People who have removed the clutter from their homes or apartment have found extra space they have not seen in years. With less junk and better organization, you can free up that extra space you have been missing for years. 
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How to Remove The Clutter

The Plan

The first tip in removing clutter from your home is to have a plan for your junk removal project and consider dumpster rental. This may sound a bit overboard, but trust me, with a plan, you create a step by step guide that will keep you on track. The plan also keeps you from getting overwhelmed from trying to do everything at once. 

For example, create a plan to remove clutter from your home over the next two months and state what you will clean out on specific dates. Call several dumpster rental companies to get quotes on services.

Trying to do it all in a single weekend will only cause you to throw in the towel. By having a definitive plan, you will stay on schedule and get the job done. 


After we have our plan in place, and the first day of de-cluttering has rolled around, we will start by sorting. Instead of cleaning one thing at a time out of a closet, remove everything. Once removed, stage it so we can see all of the property. 

We will then sort each item into a zone of keep or permanently remove from the home. A good solution for this is to plastic totes or boxes labeled to keep from moving each item later. This also creates the idea in your mind that the removal of the object is permanent. You will be less inclined to change your mind. 

After sorting, if your “keep” pile is bigger than your remove section, reconsider. When the remove pile is bigger, you can stop. 

Set In Place

Before placing your keep items back in the closet, make sure that is where you want them to go. If you must keep the twenty-year-old fishing pole, maybe the garage is a better place than a closet made for clothes. If you have clothes boxed in a garage that you want to keep, leave room in the closet for them. Clean the inside of the closet and then place what belongs back in. 

Your plan may have to tackle a room or closet each week. The process will be the same, no matter what type of area it is. 

Junk Removal

Now that you have gathered all of your unwanted property, it is time to free your home completely of it. There are several ways to do this: 

  • Donation: If you have items, others can use think about donating. Your junk may be something someone needs. Use caution, though. It is difficult to donate one or two pieces at a time. Find an organization that will take all of it and let them worry about who gets what. You will have much less of a headache. 
  • Recycle: Recycling is another option, and as we know good for the environment. Just like donating, though, this can be a challenge, depending on how much property you have. 
  • Have a Garage Sale: You can actually make some money from a garage sale if you have time. The only problem with garage sales is that they take time and organization on their own. However, if you have the time to have one, you will still have many items that did not sell that need removal. 
  • Junk Removal Service: By contacting a junk removal service, you may be able to do both of the above. Most professional junk removal services are affordable and will handle all of the heavy lifting for you. In most cases, a junk removal service can make sure anything that is recyclable will be. 

In Conclusion

To conclude, before clearing away clutter in your New Jersey home, be sure, and create a plan. Make it easier on yourself by removing and sorting all of the items into a pre-determined area based on keep or remove. Do this over and over according to your plan until you have achieved your goal of de-cluttering the entire home. Recycle, donate, sell, or have all of your junk removed by a professional company to free your home of clutter. 

We hope this post has given you some great tips and hacks for clearing away clutter and wish you all the best.

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