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NJ Refrigerator Removal & Disposal Services

Looking for refrigerator disposal & removal services in Northern NJ?  N. Vitale Disposal Inc. is the company to call!  We can remove and recycle all of your appliances and safely dispose of them.  Just call us for a free quote on junk & refrigerator removal services.

Whether you want to remove or just dispose of a refrigerator or have an expert remove appliances in NJ, we can help you with your project.  We offer competitive pricing on removal services and look forward to your call.

N. Vitale Inc. is family owned and operated for 10+ years.  We take pride in our business and truly want to make your life a whole lot easier.  You know that annoying refrigerator or stove that’s been sitting in your garage that  you’ve been meaning to get rid of?  Don’t worry!  Just call us and we’ll remove it for you!  We look forward to helping you with your project!

New Jersey Refrigerator Disposal And Junk Haulers

If you know anything about disposing of an old refrigerator, you know that it’s not really that easy.  In fact, refrigerators are bulky appliances that need to be removed by experts.

If you have an old refrigerator that you no longer want, you really need to hire experts for the job.  That’s were New Jersey’s N. Vitale Disposal Inc. comes in.  We can safely and economically remove your old refrigerator in a snap!

Hire Us To Remove That Old Fridge Or Freezer

Your refrigerator is a bulky appliance that can wreak havoc on your back if not lifted correctly.   In addition, your refrigerator needs to be disconnected from outlets and hauled using special equipment.  Why would you ever try to handle this alone?  Especially when you know your friends over at N. Vitale Disposal Inc. can haul it away with no problem for you?


When To Remove Your Refrigerator

Many people often ask, when should I remove my refrigerator and get another one?  Well we are going to answer that question for you.  Additionally, you can read this article on when to replace your old appliances.

Here are some tell-tale signs that it’s time to discard your fridge:

  • Not cooling properly
  • Your fridge is sweating
  • You can hear your refrigerator running
  • The motor is hot
  • Over ten years old
  • You have an old style of refrigerator that isn’t as efficient as newer models
  • You spot a deal or sale on a fridge
  • Your bills are higher than normal (due to a not so efficient fridge)

Best Time To Dispose Of A Refrigerator


While there is no right or wrong time to get rid of your fridge, there are times when you should do it fast!  The best time to dispose of an old fridge is when it hits the ten year mark.

Also, once it gets to the point where food isn’t being cooled properly, you should probably rethink keeping your refrigerator and trade it in for something new.  If food cooling is being compromised, you risk contaminating yourself with harmful bacteria from improperly cooled foods and spoiled items.

Additionally, once you notice the refrigerator is running too hard, you need to do something about it.  This is a really bad sign and you don’t want to keep a fridge in this condition as your bills will keep getting higher.

Get A Free Estimate

Vitale Disposal is an expert junk hauling company. You really need to call us for an estimate so we can assess your junk and refrigerator removal project.

Vitale Disposal Inc. is available to come over to your home or office and assess the project and work load. In addition to that, you can simply contact us via our email, text or phone. Be sure to send us pictures of your project if you can!

We Look Forward To Helping You Dispose Of Your Old Refrigerator!


As silly as it sounds, we actually genuinely look forward to helping you with your project.  We know how hard it is to live in a home where there is useless junk.   Clutter causes stress- it’s as simple as that!

Call N. Vitale Disposal Inc. today for your refrigerator removal NJ project!

“N. Vitale Disposal Inc. is the best for refrigerator removal and disposal near me in New Jersey!  I’m so appreciative of all of their help!” Mary M., NJ Resident


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Refrigerator disposal is important for a number of reasons you may not be aware of.  Firstly, if you have an old fridge that is not very efficient, it can wreak havoc on your utility bills.  At the point when it begins doing that and you start wasting your money on your old fridge, a bunch of other things will normally happen as well.

For one, you may notice that the way your food is refrigerated is not as good as maybe it was when your fridge was new.  This is because your appliance is old and needs to be replaced.  After a certain amount of time, it is safe to say that the cooling process of your fridge will probably be compromised.  You certainly don’t want that as it could lead to rotting food.

In addition to this, another cause for concern is freezer burn and other frost related things that can happen when your appliance should otherwise be disposed of.  For this and many other reasons, it’s very important to get rid of your old appliance as you don’t want to eat food that is not properly being cooled.

Read this great article here about refrigerator disposal.

If you are in excellent physical condition with no injuries and have the help of a few friends and equipment to remove your old fridge, then sure.  Go ahead.  

However, you will want to remove and dispose of your old refrigerator at your own risk.  It is very likely you could be injured if you try to move it yourself.

Your refrigerator is an awkward, heavy and bulky item.  In fact, it can way up to 360 lbs.  That’s a lot to handle on your own!

However, some people may prefer to move it and dispose of it by themselves.  This would really only be ok if you follow some simple guidelines beforehand.

  • The first thing you will need to do is to fully empty your refrigerator.
  • Have a plan of action for the food in the frige.  You won’t want to simply throw it all away or let it sit on your counter either.  You should have another fridge to put it in or bring it to your local food pantry.  Some of the items if they are not open might be put to good use.
  • Unplug your fridge and disconnect it from power.
  • Defrost your refrigerator by opening the door and letting it sit for several hours.  The ice in the freezer compartment needs to melt so this is how you would do it.
  • Clean up any water and wet spots that are produced during the defrosting process.
  • Clean the inside of the fridge to prevent odor and germs.
  • Remove all of the drawers and shelves.  These should be the first things you carry out to the trash.

If you are wondering what tools you will need to assist in the process of refrigerator disposal, you will need several.  

  1. A convertible hand truck will assist you in moving your refrigerator
  2. Consider renting a dumpster for any large appliance removal project such as this one
  3. While this suggestion isn’t a tool or something you can buy, having a few friends handy for your appliance removal project is very helpful

No.  Refrigerator disposal is not expensive at all, actually.  In fact, it is one of the more affordable means of removing junk.  You can take a look at junk removal pricing here to get an idea of what you’re in for.  NJ’s N. Vital Disposal Inc. prides themselves in being an affordable solution to junk removal.

While an old refrigerator can often utilize more energy than necessary, there are many people who would love to have your old refrigerator.  You can contact a local donation center and inquire as to whether or not donating your fridge is a good idea.

This is a great question we are often asked about refrigerator disposal. And the fact of the matter is that it depends on the materials your fridge is made of.  You will want to check in with your local recycling and sanitation services for more information on what items they accept.   N. Vitale Disposal Inc. recycles whenever we can too.  So if you hire us for refrigerator disposal in NJ, you should be good!

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