reasons to rent a dumpster

15 Reasons To Rent A Dumpster

Top Reasons To Rent A Dumpster

In this post, we will discuss 15 reasons to rent a dumpster.  While there are many different reasons to seek out a dumpster rental business, these 15 reasons are the most common.

Dumpster Rentals Are Affordable

Renting a dumpster is a great way to manage your junk.  It is also an easy alternative to making numerous trips to the junkyard or hiring junk removal company.

Renting a dumpster is an affordable option for many people.  But don’t worry. If you’re still wondering “should I rent a dumpster?” don’t worry! Just read through our list of reasons below!

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It’s tough to drop off all your trash at the junk yard! Best to rent a dumpster!

15 Reasons to Rent a Dumpster:

Garage Clean-Out

In the situation of a garage cleanout, you will probably want to rent a dumpster near you.  Garage cleanouts can be tedious.  Most people store items in their garage that they might not choose to store in their home. 

While renting a dumpster for your garage cleanout is a great idea, you may not want to do so in certain situations.  Be careful as to not put hazardous materials in your dumpster because you could get in trouble for this.

Home Relocation

If you are relocating from one home to another, you will probably need to rent a dumpster.  This is especially true if you are in a larger sized home.  In this situation, you will probably have accumulated a lot of junk!

However, if you are dealing with an apartment relocation, this may not be the best option for you.  Renting a dumpster for your residential relocation can help you manage:

  • Any large amount of waste and junk
  • Attic, basement and garage junk that you want to discard of
  • Old furniture and appliances

Home Renovation

A home renovation is the perfect time to seek out a dumpster rental service.  Home renovations can lead to a lot of disorder and junk.

Wood, metal scraps and debris, tile and other waste should not be left around.  It can get in the way of work and be a hazard to those around it.

You should always rent a dumpster for any type of home renovation.

Spring Cleaning

If you are doing a major spring cleaning overhaul, you should certainly rent a dumpster near you!  Spring cleaning is generally not such a huge ordeal.  However, many people don’t clean regularly.

When spring cleaning has not been done for 3 or more years, you will want to consider renting a dumpster.  This is especially true if you are discarding furniture, appliances, your children’s toys or belongings, or anything else that will take up space.

Yard Debris

When you have a large amount of yard debris, you should consider renting a dumpster.  This could happen if you are doing some major landscaping work or if there is a natural disaster.

Yard debris removal projects often require dumpster rentals. It makes the whole process easier and neater!

Construction Demolition

If you are doing any type of construction demolition, be sure to rent a dumpster.  The amount of waste that is produced is not safe to be left lying around.

When structures are destroyed and the foundation of your home or something else is demolished, it’s crucial to have the proper containment of waste materials.  In such cases, you should rent a dumpster and also invest in commercial cleaning services too.

Construction Waste

If there is a large amount of construction waste at your home or on your property, please choose to rent a dumpster.  Construction waste can be a big hazard and should not be left around for that reason.

Natural Disaster

In the situation of a natural disaster, you will certainly want to rent a dumpster.  Natural disasters can cause build-up of debris.  Additionally, most natural disasters require you to throw out a lot things that were damaged.  In such situations, it’s crucial to choose a dumpster rental company to handle your waste.

Some instances of natural disasters that could require dumpster rentals are the following:

  • hurricane
  • tornado
  • flooding
  • damaging thunder and lightning
  • tree falling

Estate Cleanout

In the unfortunate situation of an estate cleanout, you may want to consider renting a dumpster. Cleaning out a person’s estate is a difficult task. It requires sensitivity and preparation.

You can read more about estate clean-outs here. Additionally, you can read this post on should I rent a dumpster.

TIP: Read this great article on how much does an estate cleanout cost!

Furniture Removal

If you are throwing out large and bulky furniture, you most certainly will need a dumpster for this. But wait! Before you throw out your furniture, read this post on when to replace furniture.

Appliance Removal

If you need to dispose of appliances, you should consider a dumpster rental company to take the burden out of your hands. Appliance removal is a difficult thing to do in itself. Lugging your appliances to the junk yard is difficult.

By renting a dumpster, you can have some of the work done for you and also save a little money. Read more on when to replace old appliances here.

Roof Shingles

If you have roofing contractors working on your home, you should consider renting a dumpster. Roof shingles are a pain and should be kept in a dumpster where they belong! This avoids major cleanup when the project is complete.


During an excavation or demolition, you will have a lot of concrete waste. Consider renting a dumpster to make the process smoother (and safer!).

Business Relocation

Is your business moving? If it is, you may need to rent a dumpster to make the commercial relocation process a little easier. Many times during a business relocation, companies also use the time to clean out their old junk. Using a dumpster rental service will make it much easier.

Business Closing

If your business is closing, you will probably want to rent dumpsters to get rid of your junk. You will certainly not be able to keep all of it, so make clearing out your business easier with a dumpster.

When Not To Rent A Dumpster:

SITUATION 1: If you are discarding a small amount of waste, you should probably not rent a dumpster.  Dumpster rentals are for larger amounts of waste. If you can get rid of the waste in one or two trips to the junkyard, it is probably not worth it to get a rental.

SITUATION 2: You should not rent a dumpster if the company you want to rent from has hidden fees.  If this is the case, you may certainly still want to rent one, however you may want to find another company to work with.

SITUATION 3: If you are looking for a permanent waste removal option, you should not rent a dumpster.  Dumpster rentals are rented out for a period of (usually) 1 or two weeks.  For businesses that produce large amounts of waste, you should explore other options.

SITUATION 4: If you are getting rid of hazardous wastes and materials, you should definitely not rent a dumpster.  Hazardous waste can pose a threat to the environment and to the people having to handle them.  You should consult with someone from your local municipality.  By doing so, you can find out your town or county’s rules regarding disposing of hazardous materials.


Now you probably have a very good idea of when it’s necessary to rent a dumpster. We hope you enjoyed this post on 15 reasons to rent a dumpster and wish you luck on your project!

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