quick tips to control clutter

5 Quick Tips For Controlling Clutter

5 Quick Tips To Control Clutter

Read these 5 quick tips to control clutter and declutter your life in a jiffy!

Controlling Clutter in Your Home and Business

On some days, clutter seems to fill our lives. Where does it all come from? Don’t worry; having clutter is a common human trait that takes solutions and practice to avoid.  The key is to think about how to solve clutter in your life and put a plan in action. If you are one who finds yourself tripping over the clutter in your life, follow along as we give you five quick tips to control clutter. 

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1. Have a Place for Everything

Clutter comes from having too many items in your home or business without a proper use or place for these items. One key to decluttering is to define a place for every item you own. Once this occurs, everything outside of this list becomes, by definition, something that will cause clutter. 

Have a rule that whatever new item you bring into your home, you must have a place for it. The place chosen must have a space for it alone. Piling mail or some new product on top of a pile of others is not considered a place for this exercise. If you must have a new thing in your life, make sure to remove something else that already has its own place. 

control clutter
quick tips to control clutter

2. Open Mail by a Garbage Can

Mail always involves three types. These categories are made up of mail you must keep for later, mail that you might need later, and mail you absolutely do not need. The trick is to make the first of our two disappear. 

Most bills that we consider as part of our “can’t get rid of pile” are available to pay online. In fact, most people do pay their bills online and only continue to receive and hold onto paper bills as an archaic backup system. In the end, what happens involves you tossing out these paper bills after you’ve already made the payment online. Contact your biller and opt-out of receiving a paper bill to save space from clutter. If you simply cannot stop receiving paper bills, then purchase a scanner or use a scanning app to save your docs electronically. 

3. Create a Use It or Lose It, Rule

How many times have you opened a box from your garage or attic and found an item you placed there ten years ago? It happens all of the time, and most of the things we put away in storage boxes serve no useful purpose in today’s world. 

Make a rule to go through your home or business storage at least every two years. If you have something stored that you have not used during the previous two-year period, toss it out. Specialty tools aside that you may need in an emergency aside, about everything else your run across will only have some emotional attachment for an object that serves no purpose in your life. 

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4. Set a One In One Out Rule

We often run across items we can’t live without while shopping. To truly keep down on clutter, make a rule you will get rid of one thing for every other you bring into your home. This not only keeps the clutter down, but it also makes you have to decide over two different items you want. Even the thought of having to throw out something will make you second guess purchasing something that really isn’t necessary.  And think, you don’t want to go scouring the internet to find out who is the cheapest junk removal service near me just to get rid of clutter. Do you?

5. Set Up a Charity Box

Everyone likes to donate to the needy, but we often get busy and never seem to have the time. By setting up a charity box in your home, you’ll keep down on your clutter and help out the less fortunate at the same time. 

Place the charity box in a place you will notice every day. The charity box forces you to keep on the lookout for items to donate. Each time you pick up an item you have not used in a while or outgrown a piece of clothing, you can simply toss the item in your box. Once the capacity of the box is reached, take all of the items to a charity of your choice. Not only does the charity box help keep clutter down in your home, but it also serves as a tool for teaching your kids about giving back. 


Keeping your home clutter-free involves making a plan on how you want to live your life clutter-free. By following the five steps above, you’ll find yourself well on your way to living a life without material things taking over your space.

We hope these 5 tips to control clutter have helped and wish you luck!

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