winter junk removal projects

Junk Removal Projects To Tackle This Winter

Junk Removal Projects To Tackle This Winter

Wondering about winter junk removal projects? This post will expalin everything.

When winter leaves you stuck inside, it’s the perfect time to tackle those junk removal projects that you have on your to-do list. Do yourself a solid this winter and take some time to clean out and “de-junk” those areas that you have been putting off for so long. Whether you have been spending a lot of time outside enjoying summer and fall weather or have been out and about keeping busy, winter is likely a time that things will slow down, creating the perfect opportunity for you to cross these areas off of your list and give yourself a little bit more breathing room. Here are some junk removal projects to tackle this winter, while you are spending more time indoors!

7 Winter Junk Removal Projects

Project 1- Cleaning out the garage

This is a job that you will want to do before it gets too cold outside! Getting the junk out of the garage will provide you with a warmer space to park your car (and prevent yourself from having to scrape ice and snow off of your windshield on those cold, winter mornings). If you have a garage, you most likely want to use it for your car… not junk! Reclaiming your garage will feel so amazing when it’s finished- you will be thanking yourself when the frost and snow start suddenly appearing on those cold New Jersey mornings.

Project 2- Removing junk from the shed

Another job that should be done on the earlier side of winter, you should remove any old pieces of equipment (or appliances if you are using your shed to store them). Doing this will allow you to have ample room for rock salt, a snow shovel, and your snow blower, for the cold months ahead. Preparing your space now will save you hassle later!

Project 3- De-cluttering your attic

Here’s a place where you probably do not spend a whole lot of time, but you might have a whole lot of “stuff.” Winter is a great time to clear out the junk that you have been holding onto for a long time. Furniture removal can easily be accomplished during the winter if you hire a junk removal company or even rent a dumpster.

It will give you a chance to have some space to organize all of your out-of-season gear, as well as your holiday decorations. Seeing as how this will make your life easier in the future, this is a great project to help you get rid of clutter and junk this winter.

Project 4- Getting rid of the junk in your basement

Oh, the basement. How it becomes a home to things you put down there “in case” you were going to use it later! “Later” is here, and it is still untouched. It’s time to remove that junk! Tackling this project this winter will not only give you some more space, but it will also allow you to keep an eye on your walls to make sure mold isn’t growing. No one wants that! Keeping your space freed up will allow you to prevent any problems down the road, since having too much junk stored up against walls can hide mold.

Project 5- Removing old unusable appliances

Back when you got the new refrigerator, you stored the old one because it hadn’t quite kicked the bucket, yet. It’s been 6 months, and that old fridge is now collecting dust. However, this one may require multiple people to help remove this junk- or- you can choose to call in a professional company, like us at N. Vitale Disposal Inc., to come to your rescue! We offer full-service clean outs (and we recycle when possible), and free estimates. Plus, our contractors our professional, who are trained to do this job efficiently and safely.

Project 6- Getting rid of junk from “that room” that you have been using to store things you no longer need

Give yourself the gift of less junk/more space! Surely, “that room” would be better suited for a home office, exercise room, or guest room (especially with the holiday season on its way). Just because you have been using this space to keep things out of the way doesn’t mean it has to stay this way! Think about what type of room you need, remove that junk, and make it happen! Being stuck inside during the winter doesn’t have to be dull- creating a new space for yourself can be fun and rewarding, too.

Project 7- A loved one’s estate

This one may not always be an easy task to take on, but it is still a project that needs to be tackled. It may be therapeutic to do this yourself or with close family members, and if that is the case for you, that’s terrific! Walk down memory lane together as you remove the junk (and maybe keep a few memories to share later). If this project is too much for you to bear, then it is time to call in the professionals, who will take care of this for you in a professional manner.


Use the winter months to your benefit by tackling junk removal projects around your house. Projects , like the garage, attic, basement, shed, or spare room, may take a weekend each to clean out. Maybe you don’t need all of those done, but certainly, one or two (or three- no judgement) could use some TLC. Take this time and get it done. Don’t forget to take a minute to admire your hard work, when you’ve finished “de-junking” these spaces in your home. If you have a room like “that room” (you know the one- where everything gets put to be put away later), you can even turn into a new space entirely, after you remove the junk from it.

Remember that if this job becomes too cumbersome or you don’t feel comfortable handling it yourself (aka removing old, heavy appliances or clunky, large pieces of furniture), you can always give a professional junk removal company a call! At N. Vitale Disposal Inc., we offer competitive pricing (and free estimates). Hope you got some inspiration from this list of winter junk removal projects!

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