how to dispose of tires

How To Dispose Of Old Tires

How To Dispose Of Old Tires

Are you wondering how to dispose of old tires.  Well I have great news for you!  This post will explain just that.

There are many situations in life that call for an automobile owner to have to purchase or replace his or her tires.  Some of these things are planned and some are not.

A few of the unique situations that call for tire replacement and recycling include:

  • Getting a flat tire
  • Wearing down tires due to overuse
  • Age
  • Buying a new car
  • Vanity reasons (such as to have a bigger set of wheels for your truck)

However, despite the countless reasons one might need to visit their local Pep Boys Store, your Michelin’s still need to be disposed and recycled properly.   In fact, you can’t just haul your wheels to the curb or rent a dumpster.  It’s a little more complicated than that!

Your Tires Have Special Disposal Needs

Before you call for junk hauling services, let’s go over a few facts regarding tire disposal. 

FACT 1: Most Waste Hauling Services Will Not Take Your Tires

Depending on rules and regulations in your municipality, most waste haulers will not accept your used tires. However, you can give them a call or contact your local junk removal business for information on what they can and cannot accept.

FACT 2: Your Tires Can Be Recycled

Your tires can actually be recycled.  The questions is just where can they be disposed of and recycled and who will take them.  You can take a look at this simple list of what can and can not be recycled for more information on that to start.

Rubber recycling is quite common.  In addition to that, tires can be reclaimed and made into many different things and for different purposes. 

Many times, tires are recycled to make street asphalt, fuel, playgrounds, and new tires.  The options for recycling and reclaiming your old Michelin’s or Goodyear’s are endless, however your old tires do have their limitations when it comes to disposal.

Throwing old tires into a junkyard can be very dangerous as they are hazardous to our world.  In addition to this, if they are set on fire, they can literally burn for weeks or months.  Your tires also provide a place for rats, mice, mosquitos and other nasty critters to hang out.  So disposing of used automobile wheels properly is essential.

FACT 3: Tires Are Recycled Using Shredders

When tires are recycled, they are shredded with a special tire shredding and recycling device.  The shredder rips the tires and breaks them down into small pieces.  This process happens after all of the exterior metal material is removed.  These metals, such as the weights and rims, must be recycled separately.

Often times, by-products of the original tire can be traded or sold as raw materials for other industries to use.  In addition, the shredded rubber remains can be used for various purposes.  If used for fuel, the remains of shredded rubber will be shipped to an incinerator or kiln to be melted down and used as energy.  Other uses can also be seen when tires are recycled to be made into street material, mulch for children’s playgrounds, and more!

When You’re Ready To Throw Out Your Tires, Do Your Research

When you’re ready to throw out your old tires, do a little research beforehand.  Depending on where you live, you will need to follow your state or county regulations.  One of the things you can do is to contact a local tire retailer or auto-repair shop near you.  Just let them know you are looking to get rid of your used wheels and they will be able to direct you.  Especially if they are located nearby.

In addition, you can call the local recycling center near you for information on disposal.  They will guide you through the process of getting rid of tires and tell you exactly what you need to know.

Resources To Help You With Tire Recycling

Here are a few resources to assist you with tire recycling.

  • Look on for useful information regarding recycling.  They have a recycling locator you can use as well.
  • Call your local recycling center for relevant information on recycling in your county
  • Reach out to your regional EPA center
  • Search for programs in your community.  Many times they will pick up and collect your tires free of charge!

Use Your Old Wheels In A Creative Way

Another option for you is to use your tires and refurbish them for different things.  You would be surprised how many wonderful uses for old tires there are.   Below we will discuss a few that may spark your creativity.

You can make a tire swing.

The first thing you can do is make a tire swing.  This is a fun project for families and should be done in a safe with caution.  However, a tire swing is an easy and fun DIY project that will lead to lots of laughs with your kids!

Make tire planters.

Making tire planters is a fun and cool way to refurbish your old rubber wheels.  Your tire planters will look great in your yard or on o vintage patio or deck.  However, you should be aware that you should not put anything edible in the planter.  The reason for this is because tires contain chemicals that can be toxic.  So just make sure your tire planters are only used for non-edible plants and flowers.

Make an ottoman.

You can make an interesting vintage rope ottoman or chair out of your used tires.  You just wrap rope around the rubber tires in this easy and creative project.  This is a great DIY for super creative types that love the look of refurbished items.  In addition, we know your family will love the finished product.

Just be sure to clean off the tire with water and soap prior to using it and covering it with the rope.  Then you will be ready for a great reuse of your Michelins!

Make a hose caddy.

You can use your used Michelin or Goodyear tires as a hose caddy.  What a great use that will help you with your yard work and maintenance.


While most people will think that dumpster rentals would be appropriate for tire disposal, they really are not.  In fact, if you hire a dumpster rental service and stick a bunch of tires in the dumpsters, chances are they will not haul them away for you.

This is why it is key to get all the information you can on recycling from your county or local municipality. This is a great way to prevent any problems and to get rid of your junk the right way.

We hope that this article has been helpful in explaining everything to you.  If you follow these steps you will know exactly how to dispose of old tires.

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