how renting a dumpster works

How Renting A Dumpster Works

Renting A Dumpster – How It Works And What To Know

In this post, we will go over how renting a dumpster works. Here, you will learn everything about renting a dumpster and what to be aware of.

Sometimes trash bags and cans just aren’t enough to handle big piles of trash. In those situations and with large junk removal projects, you are going to need to rent out a dumpster.

This is a sort of foreign process to most people. But whether you are disposing of furniture or doing appliance removal, you need a plan of action. Here is a quick cheat-sheet on how the dumpster renting process typically operates.

Here’s the 8 key steps of how renting a dumpster works:

8 Steps Of How Renting A Dumpster Works

STEP 1: Find out what type of dumpster to rent

There are two different determinants when it comes to picking the right dumpster: Size and Type.

  1. Size

When choosing your dumpster it’s important to note just how much space you will be needing. Dumpsters typically come in 5-yard, 10-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard sizes, and some even larger than that. It’s important to think of how much space you will need before you confirm your rental, so you can be sure it’s large enough for your needs. 

  1. Type

Not every dumpster is the same. Some general dumpsters can hold everything but other can only take yard waste for yard debris removal. Others cannot take brick or metal. It all depends on what the description of that dumpster entails. Be sure to know what exactly you will be filling in the dumpster and research what each dumpster can handle.

Some dumpster rentals will also ban certain objects in their dumpsters like mattresses, refrigerators, tires, paint cans & lacquers, adhesives, car batteries, hazardous materials, food waste, household cleaners, etc. Make sure to research what the specific requirements are for the dumpster you rent.

STEP 2: Get a permit

“Do I need a permit to get a dumpster?” is a common question that is likely specific to where you live. If you’re going to have a large dumpster parked on a city street for a few hours, you’re likely going to need the okay from the city’s government.

Check on your city’s website or make a call to city hall to see about the specific requirements for obtaining a permit where you live. Some places need no permit, others do. Check to see what your city requires of you. It may be a bit tedious, but it might be the expected necessity of how renting a dumpster works in your city

STEP 3: Contact a rental company

There are plenty of companies near most residential areas. If you live in the New Jersey area you can contact N. Vitale Disposal Inc. at (973) 216-8365 or on this website now by clicking Services at the top of the page. If you do not live in New Jersey you can certainly type “Dumpster rental” into Google and it will likely pull up for you a number of local options to choose from.

Call your chosen dumpster rentals near you and inform them of your needed specifications. They will relay to you a price and how they would like to continue from that point. Every company is different, so be sure to do some research on the differences between each one in your area. How renting a dumpster works can be a bit different for every company.

STEP 4: Acquire the Dumpster

Once you’ve organized the payment plan with the company and secured all the necessary documentation it’s time to get your dumpster. With every company being different, how you acquire the dumpster will also be different. Most companies have a truck that will drop the dumpster off in whatever location you have agreed upon. Others might expect you to come pick it up. 

STEP 5: Fill the Dumpster

Be sure to follow guidelines for filling the rented dumpster. Please remember that these dumpsters are not your property nor are they indestructible. Be careful with heavy dense items for they may damage a part of the dumpster and the cost of repairs could fall on you. Just make sure to be careful as if it were your own dumpster. 

Fill the dumpster up until either you’ve cleared out your space or filled the dumpster entirely. If, due to normal human error, you’ve miscalculated how much space you will need, contact the dumpster company and explain you will need to dump the dumpster out and bring it back. In which case move onto step 6 then redo step 5

STEP 6: Empty the Dumpster

Some companies are tangentially connected to landfills and city dumps that will handle the waste after you’ve filled up the dumpster. Others have a more hands-off approach and will expect you to take care of it for yourself. Make sure you check with your rental company to fully understand what they’re services and expectations entail.

If you are tasked with escorting your dumpster to a third-party location, make sure to inform them of your arrival beforehand. Not all landfills or city dumps have the space or manpower to take on a full 20-yard dumpster’s worth of various junk at the drop of a hat. Make sure to contact them and inform them of your intentions. Then they can prepare and give you information that will help the whole process more smoothly.

STEP 7: Return the Dumpster

The returning process of your dumpster is likely going to be similar to the acquisition process. If you picked it up, it’s time to go back and drop it of. If the company dropped it off for you, they will probably come and pick it up themselves. If they handled the dumping process for you, they’ll probably just keep the truck. 

STEP 8: Celebrate!

You’ve done it! Your project is officially over and now it’s time to kick your feet up in your new empty space and relax. Renting a dumpster can be as difficult a process as filling it up, but hopefully, with this guide, you’ll be able to get your project done efficiently and smoothly. Best of luck on your dumping endeavors!


Now you should be ready for your dumpster rental. You should know exactly how renting a dumpster works so get started with your project!

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