how much is furniture disposal

How Much Is Furniture Disposal

How Much Is Furniture Disposal

If you were wondering how much is furniture disposal, we’re going to tell you everything in this post.  Here, we’ll discuss the prices of furniture disposal, as well as some of the factors that can influence cost.

Most Common Furniture For Disposal And Removal

If you’re reading this post, you probably have a piece of furniture other than something small to remove from your home or office.  It’s likely that you have a mattress, couch, or even an appliance such as a refrigerator or a stove that needs to be hauled and removed.

If you need refrigerator removal services, you can certainly hire the same type of junk hauling company to do the job as you would call for any other basic furniture removal project.  However, with appliance removal, there are different factors that come into play when getting rid of your appliances in comparison to getting rid of an old mattress or sofa.

Types Of Furniture Disposal

You have a few different options for how to get rid of and remove your old furniture.  However, before you decide which method to use, you should ask yourself a few different questions about the project.

Here are some of the questions to ask prior to beginning your project:

  • What is my budget?
  • How many items do I have for junk removal?  Is it just one or am I removing items in an entire estate?
  • Do I have any medical issues that could flare up from lifting heavy items?
  • Would I prefer to have the ease of someone just doing it all for me?

What you choose to do is ultimately going to be determined by some of your answers to the above questions.  For example, if you have a really small budget and a lot of items, you may choose to use a dumpster rental service near you.  However, dumpster rentals might not be the right fit if you physically can’t haul the items.

Here Are Your Options

OPTION 1: hire a furniture removal company

Option one is the best and easiest option.  Hiring a company for furniture removal is great if you can’t physically do the junk hauling yourself.  Additionally, you should hire someone if you have a larger budget and don’t mind the extra cost.

OPTION 2: rent a dumpster

You can choose to rent a dumpster for an extended period of time if you have a large amount of items and you don’t mind a DIY approach.  Dumpster rental companies will bring the dumpster to you and pick it up for disposal. 

Renting a dumpster is cost effective, however you will need to do the lifting which many people don’t like.  Renting a dumpster is a great choice if you are physically fit and have a project such as an estate cleanout or larger junk removal job to do.

Prices on dumpster rentals vary based on the size of the dumpster and the type of dumpster rented. However, your dumpster rental will probably cost somewhere around $150-$500 for a 10-14 day rental period.

OPTION 3: rent a truck

You can rent a truck or trailer from a company such as Uhaul and haul the furniture yourself.  This is certainly the most cost effective way, but it will require the most work.

Uhaul rents out trailers for as low as $14.95 for an extended period of time.  The price varies based on the type of rental and amount of time.

Generally, you will have a window of time (such as a block of hours) for the rental.  If you go over the time period then you get charged extra.

With this option, you need to load the junk in addition to bring it to the right facility for disposal. If you have more than just a couch and have various appliances and recyclables too, you will probably be making several different trips.

OPTION 4: ask your friends to help

If you don’t have money and you can’t do the work yourself, you can ask your friends to help you out.  This is the best way to remove furniture if you’re limited with your budget and can’t lift heavy or bulky items.  Just be prepared to get them a six pack or pizza for their work!

OPTION 5: donate your furniture

If your furniture is in pristine condition, it might be eligible for donation.  This is a great option because you get a tax write-off for your donation and you are doing a great thing for someone who needs the furniture. 

Additionally, most donation centers and charities will pickup the items for you and haul them away.  Another great option for a limited budget and someone who can’t lift heavy items.

Factors That Influence The Cost Of Junk Removal

There are many factors that influence the cost of your furniture removal job.  You’ll want to clarify all of this with your junk removal company prior to hiring.

Below, we’ll discuss some of the common things that can influence the cost of junk removal.

Number of items: The cost of your junk removal and hauling will be influenced by the number of items that you have.  If you are removing furniture of an entire 5 bedroom home, this will certainly be more costly than if you simply remove an armchair with the help of a furniture removal company.

Item weight and bulkiness: Are your items and furniture pieces heavy and bulky?  Do they require two or possibly three people to lift?  Are there awkward stairs your furniture removal team will have to navigate?  These things will definitely affect the cost of furniture removal.

Manpower for removing your furniture: How many people will it take to complete your furniture removal project.  In addition to this, how long will it take?

If it takes 5 men and an entire day it will be a much more expensive project than one that takes only two men and one hour.

State and county guidelines: Are there any state or county regulations on the disposal and removal of any furniture items or appliances?  Do certain items need to be recycled rather than just brought to the dump?  If items are being disposed of at different facilities, your junk removal team will charge you more for the extra mileage and time it takes.

Can the item be donated?: If the furniture you are disposing of can be donated, this will affect the cost of removing the furniture.  It won’t cost you anything to remove it, in fact!  So donate whenever you can!

Is there a minimum cost for furniture removal?: Many companies have a minimum cost for furniture removal.  If you are getting rid of one item that isn’t very heavy and doesn’t take a lot of work, you will still need to meet the minimum fee for furniture removal.  You can expect the furniture removal minimum to be somewhere around $100 or perhaps even more.

Is the furniture infested with mold, bed bugs or anything else?: If the furniture you are removing is infested with mites or mold, you might be paying extra.  These types of furniture are hazardous to the workers health and additional fees might be added on to your furniture removal project.

Choosing To Do It Yourself Instead Of Hiring A Junk Hauling Expert

We discussed this a bit above.  You can choose to DIY if:

  • You don’t mind the work
  • You’re trying to save money
  • You have a disability or physical issue that prevents you from lifting heavy items

Cost To DIY

The cost to do it yourself is the cheapest if you already have a truck to haul away the furniture.  It is also pretty inexpensive to rent a trailer or truck to haul it away on your own.  However, there are a lot of variables to consider such as length of time for a rental and the company you are renting with.  But generally you can expect to save a few dollars if you do the furniture removal yourself.

Doing it yourself isn’t always cheap.  If you have to rent a dumpster, as we stated previously, that can cost as much as $500 depending on the company you rent with and the size of the dumpster.  But for projects that are large and you can work on bit by bit, dumpster rentals are a great option.

Costs In Different Areas

Different areas of the country have different costs for junk and furniture removal and hauling.  You can call a company that is in your locality for more information on the pricing of services.

If you are in a major city, prices of hauling can be slightly inflated so please be aware of that too.

Pricing Chart For Junk Removal

We have created a very handy pricing chart for your furniture and junk removal project.  Now this is based on NJ company N. Vitale Disposal Inc. and their rates for junk removal and hauling.  But you can get a good basis of costs in the New Jersey area at least.

View the pricing chart for junk removal in NJ here.

In Conclusion

Hauling and removing furniture can be costly and there are many different variables to keep in mind.  Size of the load, the company you use and their pricing, manpower needed and the amount of time it takes to remove furniture and junk items will affect the cost.

Although it can be costly to remove and haul your furniture, you shouldn’t keep old furniture in your home or office.  Old furniture can provide less physical support and can be damaging to your body and your health.  In addition, it can also be used, worn and an eye-sore in your home or office.

We hope we have answered the question how much is furniture disposal and wish you luck on your project.

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