Furniture And Appliance Removal In New Jersey- What You Should Know

Furniture And Appliance Removal In New Jersey – What You Should Know

Read this article to know more about furniture and appliance removal in New Jersey and what you should know.

Issues With Removing Old Furniture and Appliances

You have purchased new furniture or an appliance and now need the removal of the old ones. All of the items in these two categories will usually be heavy and create physical issues for lifting and carrying. Aside from being heavy, you may run into problems on having the right vehicle to transport the items and the environmental aspects of getting rid of both. Let’s take a look at all of the things you need to know about furniture and appliance removal.  

Disconnecting Appliances 

Furniture removal is usually easy enough until the lifting and carrying stage since there is nothing to unhook. Appliances, on the other hand, may be as simple as unplugging, but could also need to be unhooked. Here are some examples of appliances that need disconnecting. 

  • Washing Machines: A washing machine will normally have hot and cold water hookups to disconnect, along with a drain line. 
  • Dryers: Electric dryers will have a plug and a vent line to disconnect. If the dryer is heated by gas, it will also require the gas line to be removed. 
  • Dishwashers: Your dishwasher can be complicated to remove. There will be plumbing to disconnect and probably disconnection of the electrical portion of the appliance. 
  • Ovens and Stoves: Electrical stoves are simple, in that you can unplug the electrical and pull out. A gas stove and oven will require the removal of the gas line connection. 
  • Refrigerators: Almost all modern refrigerators will have a water line to disconnect from the wall. 
  • Water Heater: A water heater will either have hard-wired electrical or gas lines to disconnect. There will also be plumbing that needs to be disconnected. 

Although none of these are difficult outside of the dishwasher and water heater, they can be bulky and require a plan before you start to move them. Always look for plumbing, wires, or gas lines to be removed before pulling them out of their spots. 

Your Plan

Many people can be so excited about their new furniture or appliances; they do not give much thought to the old one that is being replaced. Both categories of items can be bulky and need more than one person to remove. 

Have a plan in place of how to remove it, where you will store it, or what you will do with it. What to do with it is usually more of a problem than disconnecting it and storing it. The days of loading furniture or an appliance into a pickup and taking to a local dump are mostly over. Most dumps will not take items from individual households. You can hire dumpster rentals to help you.

Restrictions on Furniture and Appliances

Most landfills have restrictions on appliances and some furniture due to environmental restrictions. Many time when companies and residences are in the middle of a construction demolition project, they need help with appliance and furniture removal and need to find out about local restrictions. As for demolition services, things can be tricky when trying to figure out logistics such as this.

Below are some of the reasons why a landfill will not take these items. 

  • Microwave Ovens, washers, dishwashers: Microwaves and these other appliances are manufactured with metal, plastic, and electronic parts. All of these items can be hazardous to the environment and therefore, may not be allowed in a landfill. 
  • Refrigerators: Appliances like refrigerators, especially older ones, contain the same items as microwaves. They also contain chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. 
  • Furniture: Most modern furniture is made from human-made components. When these components degrade, such as styrofoam, they can release unwanted chemicals. 

Since all of these listed items and more are not easily disposed of, you will need to find an alternative in your plan. You may consider hiring an expert estate cleanouts company to help you get rid of your household items.

How to Properly Remove Old Furniture and Appliances 


One way to get rid of your old appliances and furniture is to donate them. If they are still in working condition, ask friends and family if they could use them. If not, check with your neighbors or an organization that donates to needy families. Many non-profits will even come to your home and remove the items themselves. There are always those less fortunate who would love to have your old property.

Make Some Cash

If your furniture and appliances are in decent condition, you can always sell them to someone else. There are many people who are handy and willing to pay a little money to be able to repair something for themselves. This can help return some of the costs you had against your new purchase. 

In this day in age, there are many platforms to sell your old appliances and furniture. Social media has become a good place to sell items quickly to those looking for a bargain. This allows you to not hold on to the item very long before someone picks it up. 

Hire a Junk Removal Company

Junk removal companies have become popular after environmental regulations have become stronger in New Jersey. No longer do you have to load up your old property and haul it to the dump. These companies will come to your home and dispose of your property. Usually, utilizing recycling companies, they can turn your old furniture or appliance into new products and help protect the environment. 

Junk removal companies are trained in the proper handling of the items removed. Here are a few benefits of using a junk or furniture removal company.

  • Proper training on how to handle bulky items
  • They have the transportation available to haul large objects.
  • Junk removal companies have recycling centers they do business with
  • Employees of junk removal companies have training in what can be recycled and what cannot. 
  • The best benefit of junk removal companies is that they will do all of the heavy lifting and carrying so you do not have to. 


Getting rid of our old furniture and appliances can be a real hassle in this day and age. With environmental concerns and new regulations, you can no longer haul your old property to the dump. When purchasing your new property, be sure, and give thought to what you will do with the old. 
However, you do have some options as there are a few ways to tackle getting rid of the old property. Whether you donate it, sell it, or have a demolition service or furniture removal company haul it away, you will make room for your new furniture or appliances.

We hope these furniture and appliance removal in New Jersey and what you should know has been helpful and wish you the best!

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