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Deck Demolition Services

NJ deck demolition contractors N. Vitale Disposal Inc. are waiting for your call.  We do deck demo’s all the time! If you want a quick quote please reach out to us!


Your deck demolition is carefully planned


We have professional equipment and tools


We deal with the disposal of your demolished deck


Safety is always first with our deck demolitions

Experts In Deck And Construction Demolition!

N. Vitale Inc. is NJ‘s top-rated construction demolition experts.  We’ve done hundreds of deck demolitions in NJ! Our expert team will gladly help you with yours. 

Many times a deck needs to be demolished.  It’s often that during the process we might need to do some excavating of land, too. This happens for many reasons.  Perhaps the deck you have is old and the wood is rotting beyond repair.  Many renovators want to start fresh, so their old deck that was once a great deck needs to be removed and replace.

It’s a large and time consuming project.  With your deck demolition we also need to have some waste management procedures in place.  Most times we will have a dumpster rental that is brought along to manage junk and wood debris from your deck.  Depending on the size of your deck and it’s material composition, we may need more than just one or two men.

Every deck demolition is different.  It’s crucial to find an expert who can steer you in the right direction.

Your Deck Demo Is In Good Hands!

N. Vitale Inc. is NJ’s top-rated company for any construction or deck demo project.  We know your home is a piece of you.  It’s important to hire the right contractors.

We offer free quotes on all of our services.  You can have us visit your residence or business, email us photos, text us or call us.

Claim your free quote on services today!  Don’t be shy.  Just give us a call.

“We used NJ demolition contractors N. Vitale Disposal Inc. for a recent deck demolition project.  They were top rated for deck demos ear me, so I couldn’t pass them up.  I’m so happy I hired them- they did great work.” John M., NJ Resident

Demolition In New Jersey

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Junk Removal

We offer junk removal and full service clean outs to NJ customers and businesses.


We offer dumpster rentals at competitive pricing for all of your home and business needs.


N. Vitale Inc. is your go-to company for demolition services for your business or residence!


We provide excavation services with our expert team, tools and machinery. Call us today!


N. Vitale Inc. is a leader in residential junk removal, dumpster rental, demolition and excavation services.


N. Vitale Inc. is a leader in commercial junk removal, dumpster rental, demolition and excavation services.

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