8 tips for cleaning out your home

8 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Home

8 Easy Tips For Cleaning Out Your Home

These 8 tips for cleaning out your home will certainly help if you want to get your house in tip top shape!  It isn’t easy to clean an entire house.  That’s why we have created this handy post for you with tips and tricks to follow.

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When doing a full blown cleanout, it’s important to follow specific guidelines.  This is done for several reasons including:

  1. To provide a higher level of organization
  2. For more productivity during the process
  3. So that you feel less stress in cleaning out your home

When you follow a guide for cleaning, you will find that not only will you feel and experience a higher level of organization, but you will be more productive and less stressed.  That’ why it’s so crucial to create a game plan!

You might also be wondering how to organize clutter. This post will help you with that too! So make sure you read the whole article through!

Below are 8 tips and tricks for a household clean-out

Create A Timeline

The first thing you will want to do is assess the entire project.  This is an important one of our tips for cleaning out your home. So don’t neglect it!

Ask yourself these questions:

How long will it take?

Which rooms will give me the most headache?

Do I have all of my cleaning supplies?

Do I need to rent a dumpster for the project?

Once you have answered these questions, divide the project into a room-by-room job.  You can create a timeline of rooms and days you plan to clean them.

This will help limit your stress and make your cleanout much easier.

Tackle It Piece by Piece

Tackling the project piece by piece is a crucial step for an effective home clean out.  Junk Removal NJ experts N. Vitale Disposal Inc. recommends you divide your clean-out in several different ways.

Some of the ways to break down the entire project are as follows:

  1. Divide the project by room and assign each room a day to work on it
  2. Tackle different aspects of the cleanout on different days

For example, if you choose to tackle different aspects of the cleanout on different days, you could divide the tasks as follows:

  • spend the first few days sorting through junk
  • the second few days you can bring junk to donation centers and remove it from your home
  • the third part of the cleanout could be devoted to cleaning and eliminating dust and dirt

Tackling your cleaning project piece by piece will make things so much easier for you and everyone involved. So this step is highly recommended.

Rent A Dumpster

An easy tip for cleaning out your home is to hire a dumpster rental service. First, you will want to determine whether or not you should rent a dumpster for your home cleanout or not.  During an estate cleanout, this would be ideal. You can read more about what is an estate cleanout here.

Renting a dumpster will make the project much more bearable.  Additionally, it will help you to look at the project as it’s being tackled with more perspective.

If you have a ton of furniture and junk you need to get rid of, you should definitely rent a dumpster.  NJ dumpster rental N. Vital Disposal Inc. is the perfect company to use for renting dumpsters. You can contact them here for more info.

Hire Experts

You could choose to hire individual experts for the job.  If you are cleaning out a huge home and want to be clean and organized, you might need professionals to help you achieve your goals.

You can consider the following professional services:

  • Professional junk hauling services
  • Housekeeping services
  • Exterior home cleaners
  • Landscaping companies
  • Dumpster rentals
  • Closet organizer

Professional junk hauling services are ideal if you have appliance removal, furniture removal, mattress removal to take care of during your project. Additionally, they are great for estate cleanouts where you’ll be doing less sorting and cleaning out the entire house.

Housekeepers and other home cleaning services are excellent if you want a spotless home and if you are in need of a major scrub down.  A closet organizer can tackle a messy wardrobe and make your home cleaning project more manageable.

EXPERT TIP: Read this great article on how much does an estate cleanout cost!

Assign Chores

Another one of our great tips for cleaning out your home is to assign chores. You can assign chores to different family member to make the project more manageable.  Or better yet, have your children scrub down  and clean out their own room.

Assigning different chores to different members of the family or people who are helping is a great way to make the project more manageable.  Additionally, you’ll find that doing so will ensure your project is completed more thoroughly.

Have Friends Help

You can have friends help you with your home cleanout.  They will thoroughly enjoy it if you make a part of it.  Additionally, you will benefit by dividing tasks and seeing a more thorough completion of the project.

Here are some suggestions for having friends help:

  1. Order pizza or other appetizers
  2. Be sure to have bottled water, soda or juice, or beer
  3. Play music
  4. Have fun giveaways

Create Piles

As part of the cleanout process, you can create piles of junk to make things more manageable.  The piles you should have:

  1. Keep
  2. Donate
  3. Discard
  4. Maybe

If your friends are helping and you’re getting rid of things, let them know they are free to take anything they want!  Additionally, you will want to maintain the piles of junk by frequently visiting the dumpster and bringing things out.

Have Fun

The last step for your junk removal and home clean out project is to have fun.  You can play music, sing and dance, and take breaks to sip a beer or lemonade.

Keep in mind, your project will end with a beautifully clean home.  If you keep that in mind you are sure to be happy during the process.


Now that you have a plan, go on and get to work! We hope these 8 tips for cleaning out your home have helped and good luck!

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