15 reasons to move to New Jersey

15 Reasons To Move To New Jersey

15 Reasons To Move To NJ

If you were wondering about 15 reasons to move to New Jersey (NJ), you’re in luck. This post will tell you everything about the Garden State and why you should consider moving to it.

So read on to find out all of the important and well-known reasons to relocate and settle in NNJ! We’re sure you’ll be packing your bags once you realize how great this little state is.

New Jersey Is A Great Place To Live

Not everyone is aware of this fact, but New Jersey is truly a great place to live. This wonderful state is situated in the Northeastern part of the United States. To it’s west is Pennsylvania and to it’s east is New York. If you are visiting NJ or deciding to move here, you should know that NYC is very accessible from NNJ. This is one of the perks of living in this wonderful state. You have the beautiful suburbs and the ability to just take a drive out east and visit one of the most popular cities in the world!

One of the most amazing things about this wonderful part of the country is that there are over 100 miles of Atlantic coast that stretch along the eastern border of the state. We’re pretty sure you already know this, because as you know NJ is well known for the Jersey shore, too!

Below, we will go over 15 important reasons to consider calling NJ your new home!

15 Reasons To Relocate To The Garden State

Proximity To The City

The number one reason you should consider moving to NJ is its proximity to NYC. If you live in the NY metro area, you will have the ability to commute to the city for work very easily.

In addition to this, nightlife and culture is diversified. There are so many things to do and everyone is welcome! You’ll love the exciting lifestyle while still being able to relax with family at home in a Jersey suburb for your at home life.

The Jersey Shore

The Jersey shore is home to many beautiful beaches. And in the beach towns are an enormous number of things to do.

Beautiful beach towns range from upscale areas to scenes that attract young people and singles. No matter who you are, there’s something for you in NJ!

Atlantic City

Atlantic City is a prime destination for travelers and residents alike. With casinos and clubs, nightlife and bars, you’ll love the atmosphere of moving to this state.

School Systems

The school systems in NJ are phenomenal. Residents boast that the state is a great place for young people and university age young adults alike. In NJ, you’ll find ample opportunities to thrive and grow scholastically. You won’t be disappointed with education if you choose to relocate here for sure.

Job Opportunities

With close proximity to the city and other major towns in the state, NJ is a great place with ample career opportunities. If you move here with your family, you will see that there’s so much you can achieve! And the rate of pay is higher than the national average, too!

The Art Culture

The art culture in this state is excellent. There are endless museums and cultural centers for you and your family to enjoy.

Visit the Montclair Art Museum or the Newark Museum of Art. You have endless opportunities in Northern NJ that will satisfy your creative spirit.

It’s Green

Many people don’t realize this, but NJ is a great place with lots of forest and greenery. It’s gorgeous during the spring and summer months when flowers and trees are in full blossom and the state is green and lush.

Small Business

Small business is booming in the Garden State! Whether you have a construction company or demolition services, your business is sure to thrive and grow. In addition, there’s a huge restaurant scene in addition to cleaning and junk removal companies. So if you have a small business, you will certainly find you are in the right place to foster its growth!

Italian Food

New Jersey is known for its Italian culture and food. If you wanna get a great slice of pizza, you should certainly head towards this wonderful state.

With Italian restaurants and pizzerias everywhere, there is absolutely no shortage of pizza that is the best in the world. If you’re a pizza and pasta lover, head out to NJ and consider making it your home!

Great Towns And Cities

In New Jersey, you’re going to find some amazing towns and cities where you can enjoy a range of enriching activities. From Morristown’s restaurants and pubs to Newarks arts and entertainment, there is no shortage of things to do in the Garden State.

So pack your bags and prepare for your move! We can’t wait to see you at one of our fabulous jersey destinations.

The Seasons

One of the main reasons people live and stay here is the beautiful and changing seasons. You have all four seasons in New Jersey, in fact. From fall with the leaves changing a beautiful orange and red to winter with snow and wintery mornings. Spring is gorgeous and green as trees and flowers bloom in this New England state. Summers are hot and humid and perfect for trips down to the shore.

Beautiful Homes

There are so many gorgeous New England style homes in New Jersey. Move here and take your pick!

Although prices can be a bit high, you’ll find the home that you love in your favorite part of NJ.


If you want to go skiing in New Jersey, guess what? You can do that too! And you’ll be close to professional resorts in neighboring states as well.

For beginner skiers, places like Mountain Creek in Sussex County is perfect and a beautiful place to go and ski the slopes. You will have choices for both skiing and snowboarding so pack your bags and head out this winter.

Apple Picking

September and October is prime apple picking season. And guess what? There are tons of orchards in the area. Some have quite a scene and will attract families and couples alike!

Family Life

Family life in NJ is wonderful. With so many activities and enriching environments, you will be very satisfied with the quality of family life for you, your spouse and your children.

Here’s a snapshot of things to do in Jersey:

  • beach
  • museums
  • cities and nightlife
  • restaurant and food scene
  • outdoor activities
  • shopping malls and outlets


We hope this post has been informative and helpful. You should have a little more knowledge to assist you in choosing a place to reside. We hope we have accurately explained 15 reasons to move to New Jersey and wish you all the best.

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