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10 Easy Spring Cleaning Tips and Hacks

These 10 easy spring cleaning tips will help you organize and get rid of your old junk so you can make room for the stuff you wanna keep! Read more here!

10 Easy Tips To Help With Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, everyone is getting over that contagious winter coughing and sneezing, the frost on your windshield is almost thawed, the birds are almost back to chirping before your alarm clock chimes, and the kids are ready for spring sporting practice! IT’S SPRING CLEANING TIME!

Whether you’re doing a full on estate cleanout or just removing some old stuff you don’t need, this post will help you. Here are 10 quick tips and tricks to help you from procrastinating that much-needed spring cleaning fix:

Embrace Your Inner Marie Kondo

Minimization requires a willingness to only hold on to your “joy sparking” treasures! Don’t hold on to those random decorative objects that you hold no resentment with, or completely forgot that you owned. It’s time to part ways with your unnecessary knick-knacks and hoarded collection of useless stuff.

Kondo isn’t just a face for helping minimization with impractical belongings. She emphasizes her practice of the “20/10 method”. Marathon habits of cleaning can be exhausting, but setting timers for broken half-hour intervals allow you to clean for twenty minutes, and enjoy yourself with another activity such as checking up on social media, or interacting with the family [dog] for the next ten!

Get help from Rentals

Surely, seeing everything you’ve just parted ways with placed out by the curb seems overwhelming for some people. Methods to avoid seeing piles of trash such as renting a dumpster are great to help keep local nocturnal wildlife from clawing your trash bags open and leaving a mess on the street.

Family-owned and personable junk removal companies such as N Vitale Inc. in New Jersey are reasonably affordable and can help avoid your neighbors noticing the freebie pawn shop on your front lawn! Save your time and money from hauling your unwanted, bulkier items to waste plants, and have a professional do it for you!

Did you know that many junk removal companies and dumpster rentals also provide a way to recycle your unwanted belongings? This is a great surprise for all you who want to do your spring cleaning in a way that’s great for the environment!

Sleeping in Does Not Help

The more you procrastinate the cleaning process under those warm, cozy sheets in the morning, the less effort you will want to put into your spring cleaning. Get your morning workout in by moving all the bulky furniture out of the way in order to have the most opportunable cleaning space.

Old T-Shirts Make Great Recyclable Rags and Towels

Before throwing away that old pajama t-shirt or oversized dieting trophy of a gym outfit, reuse it as your own personal fabric for cleaning towels and rags! Paper towels are not reusable, but an old cut-up t-shirt can do the trick for longer.

You can also consider this for another easy spring cleaning tip you and your family will love! Using old t-shirts and a chemical free agent on mirrors will leave your glass streak-free!

Tip: Unused coffee filters do the trick just as well. Plus, a pack of coffee filters is typically cheaper than a roll of paper towels!

Other recyclable methods include using shaving cream to rid of water stains, or a pillowcase to prevent dust from falling off your ceiling fan.

Toxins Don’t Clean Things

A wise man once said, if you can’t pronounce it, don’t let it enter your body. So if we can’t pronounce harmful chemical names, why should we let them pollute the air that we breathe?

Many cleaners, detergents, and air fresheners have lately been found to carry toxins that aren’t as promotive as your cleaning may self-illustrate. Cleaners carrying toxins such as phthalates such as aerosol fresheners can be replaced with healthier options such as essential oil diffusers to give your home or cleaning space a more natural and harm-free aroma.

            Here’s a list of other ways to replace toxins from your cleaning remedies:

●      Perchloroethylene (found in spot removers and carpet cleaners) can be avoided by using liquid carbon dioxide (CO2).

  • Ammonia (found in glass cleaner and bleaches) can be avoided by using vodka.
  • Littering and overfill of garbage dumps can be prevented by recycling!
cleaning and washing hands during spring cleaning

Freshen The Summer Clothes

While we shed those winter layers back into the closet and storage spaces, our summer layers tend to smell musty after their cold-weathered hibernation. Using an unflavored and clear vodka in a spray bottle will take that musty attic or basement smell away before the first summer laundry wash! How’s that for an easy spring cleaning tip?!

Optimize the Dishwasher

You would never think if it doesn’t say “dishwasher safe” to put it in a dishwasher, but what about those out-of-the-kitchen everyday items such as your shower head, gardening tools, or refrigerator shelves? Stuff like these get overlooked when it comes to cleaning your house from top-to-bottom during spring cleaning. It can be assured that these items are indeed dishwasher safe and deserve a touch up like the rest of your things!

Even College Dorm Rooms Need Cleaned

Despite spring break being around the corner, it is important for students to keep up with these easy spring cleaning tips, too. It is common for students to go without a deep cleaning in their dorm room, which is a main cause for illnesses to spread across campuses just before midterms and Spring Break.

Did you know these common ingredients assist in the duties of your washer and dryer?

  • Adding ice cubes to your drying cycle prevents laundry from wrinkling.
  • Salt in the washer prevents colors from running together.
  • Adding a tennis ball with your blankets and pillowcases maintains their fluffiness and allows them to dry faster!
  • Forget coffee stains. Adding brewed black coffee to black clothes strengthens and revives the natural colors.

            Over 660 million loads of laundry are done each week. How many times have you laundered your clothes in comparison?

Don’t forget the gutters!

Cleaning the outside is just as important as the inside. After all, more people see the outside of your house by walking or driving past than those who are invited to come inside. Cleaning the gutters is as easy as flushing the debris out with water via a garden hose, or a forceful gust of air from your own leaf blower. These methods also save you some money from hiring a cultivator to do the manual labor themselves.


We hope you enjoyed this article on tips and hacks to help you with spring cleaning. These easy spring cleaning tips should get you well on your way to a happier and cleaner home in no time!

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